Trail Drainage Restoration


Lakewood Villages

 Papillion, Nebraska

Portions of the Lakewood Villages concrete trail system were damaged by rainwater carving out severe gullies along the banks and undermining portions of the walkway. SIEREX was hired to restore the banks and walkway and install erosion control systems to help prevent future erosion in the area. The project included installation of 700 feet of new swale and underground drainage piping, which draws overflow rainwater to an area inlet and diverts the water-path to a culvert under the sidewalk and safely to a pond below. Project also included removing undermined concrete pathway and replacing with new concrete.

Scope of Work:

  • Clear and grub overgrown and erosion damaged areas
  • Restore bank sides and protect with seeding and erosion control matting
  • Safely excavate to install 700 feet of underground 6-inch drain pipe
  • Install area inlet and underground culvert to divert water path under sidewalk
  • Remove undermined concrete trail
  • Install new concrete trail
  • Grade swale and area drainage
  • Install seeding and matting over all disturbed areas