Bathroom Remodel


Bathroom Remodel

Omaha, NE

A major plumbing problem resulted in a complete overhaul and remodel of this Dundee neighborhood residence upstairs bathroom. SIEREX moved some walls and pipes to make room for a double basin sink and a bigger bathtub. SIEREX also designed and added all-new tile to the floor and walls. Other improvements included moving a window, installing a vent fan, and insulating the outside walls.

Scope of Work:

  • Replace lead drain pipe with PVC

  • Move water pipes to opposite wall

  • Install double basin sink

  • Tear out lath and plaster

  • Add insulation and drywall

  • Move and install new window

  • Tear out old floor and replace with new tile floor

  • Tile shower surround

  • Build soffit for new pipes

  • Paint

  • Replace trim

  • Install vanity light and can lights

  • Install vent fan

  • Install mirror