New clear-story garage

As March winds up, we are almost finished with the construction of a three car clear-story garage with a mezzanine workshop. This project started with a few pictures from the owner’s neighbor’s garage construction and the direction to “build me that.” SIEREX developed a sketchup model to translate the owner’s direction into a clear picture and as construction nears completion, you can see exactly how things turned out.

Garage - looking SE
Original sketchup model
2016-03-30 14.11.16
Actual garage as it nears completion

Dodge Street Pedestrian Subway

This depression era public works project was in need of a new paint job, some new lights and some minor plumbing and renovation work. The neighborhood association reached out to SIEREX Design & Construction to complete the work prior to students from a local university moving in to paint a mural on the inside of the tunnel. Working with local sub-contractors, we managed to complete the rennovation work on time and on budget. SIEREX transformed the subway tunnel from a mismatch of peeling paint, broken and dim lights to a clean well-lit canvas, perfect for the neighborhood to create their mural.

Watch KETV’s recent coverage of the tunnel’s update here.